ZAP Light Extreme Stun Device / Flashlight – 1 Million Volts with Spike Electrodes

Save 14%

Your Attacker will “get the point”

  • 6 Ultra-sharp Spike Electrodes offer extra protection
    and can penetrate clothing to help your attacker “get the point” to aid in DNA collection for the authorities
  • Built-in high endurance Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Ultra bright LED bulb, shines over 5 hrs. per charge. Now even brighter! 120 lumens!
  • Includes USB wall charger, USB car charger, carry case, and wrist strap


Note - We do not ship to States where stun guns are prohibited.  The following States/Counties/Cities where Stun Guns are prohibited as of June 5th, 2018:

Prohibited States/Counties/Cities for Stun Guns

The following STATES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:

  • Hawaii
  • New York
  • Rhode Island

The following STATES may have requirements to own or possess a stun gun:

  • Illinois – LEGAL but Firearm Owner’s Identification Card Required.
  • Iowa – LEGAL but requires (permit/license to carry a firearm), to carry such device.
  • Michigan – LEGAL but has many requirements. Read complete Michigan stun gun laws below.
  • Mississippi – LEGAL but must be licensed to carry a stun gun.

The following CITIES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Ocean City, MD
  • Ruston, WA

The following COUNTIES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:

  • Baltimore County, MD

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