Bullet Proof Tablet Case

Bullet Proof Tablet Case

The BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Tablet Case is perfect for situations where being discreet is essential. Its professional look gives you a practical, discrete layer of extra protection whether you choose to take it with you to school, work or while traveling. Bring safety where and when you need with only 8oz. of ballistic weight added. This bulletproof tablet case is perfect for any student, commuter, or workplace professional. 


Feature and Benefits
• Front slash pocket.
• Zippered closure.
• Patented silicone mounting system with swivel system that rotates for horizontal and vertical use.
• Adjustable corners to accommodate various sized tablets (fits up to a 10" tablet).
• Elastic mesh pocket ideal for storing a smartphone (can fit up to an iPhone 6 plus).
• Elastic loops for cord management or USB drive storage.
• Dual interior business card pockets.
• Clean Screen™ gently removes dust and fingerprints.
• Camera holes to accommodate Apple or Android tablets.
• Pen or stylus loop.
• Overall weight of 1.11 lbs.
• Only 8 ounces of ballistic weight added.


• BulletBlocker utilizes the latest DuPont Kevlar technologies.
• Tested to the NIJ IIIA standards stopping a 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45 caliber hollow point ammunition and more.


To see more, visit: https://allemergencysupplies.com/collections/bullet-proof-products/products/bullet-proof-tablet-case

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