Cube Stove + 2 Fire Starters

Cube Stove + 2 Fire Starters

The Cube Stove is made of durable steel and can be used in 7 different positions to accommodate different needs, such as cooking fast or slow, or cooking on a large pot or small cup.


7 Cooking Positions:

For a larger pot (stove upright)

1. Wood - Remove plate 
2. Fuel Disk or Sterno - Place plate on bottom inside stove 
3. Gel or Tablet - Place plate on rivets inside top of stove

For a smaller pot or cup (stove upside down)

4. Wood or Sterno - Place stove over top of fire 
5. Fuel Disk - Set fuel disk on top of plate under the stove 
6. Gel or Tablet - Place fuel in plate dish under the stove

For grilling (stove closed)

7. Charcoal - Remove plate


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