1 Gallon Paint Can Diversion Safe

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Great for the garage, craft room or workbench, this 1 Gallon Paint Can, won't look out of place. PSP offers a wide range of unique simple and effective concealment options for around the home to keep you armed in the event of an emergency. Always be ready to defend yourself by concealing a small handgun in this inconspicuous paint can. It can easily hold a small caliber .22, .25 or .32 and it will readily conceal a .380 Compact or even a 9mm Sub-Compact! 

Specifications and Features:
Personal Security Products AAPC1 
1 Gallon Paint Can 
Small Handgun Concealment 
Holds Small Frame Handguns: .22, .25, .32, Compact .380 and Sub Compact 9mm 

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