UST - Ultimate Survival Technologies Strikeforce Fire Starter with Tinder, Orange, Striker is Built into the Detachable Cap to Protect the Ferro Rod and Prevent Unintended Sparks, 2-Pieces of Light-Me Tinder Included, 5"x1.5"x1", Blister Packaging. A compact, high-performance flint-based fire starter, the UST SparkForce Fire Starter easily generates sparks in wet or windy conditions and ignites a wide variety of tinder (including UST WetFire and UST Light-Me Tinder, both sold separately). Featuring a high visibility orange ABS case, the striker's detachable cap (attached with included lanyard) protects the flint and prevents accidental or unintended sparks. Weighing just 1 ounce, the slim SparkForce fits comfortably in your pocket. 20-12147

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